Galapagos Islands Travel Advice

La Cumbre Volcano in the Galapagos Islands began erupting on 16 June 2018, creating spectacular laze clouds and steam explosions as the lava flow reached the shore line. The volcano forms the uninhabited Fernandina Island and is the most active volcano in the archipelago.

Eclipse Travel’s local partners report that emissions and tremors have decreased since Sunday evening considerably, however the situation is unpredictable, and a safe distance should be kept. Passengers on cruises in the area have been able to witness the dramatic eruptions from a safe distance with no impact on itineraries. Local authorities are monitoring the situation on Fernandina as well as neighbouring Isabela Island that is on yellow alert, although viewpoints on the rim of the Chico Volcano still open to visitors.

Any travellers planning to visit the Galapagos Islands in the near future should monitor the situation however all tourist activities are currently not impacted and remain open for business.

Contact Eclipse Travel’s Galapagos experts for travel advice and further updates via or 1300 575 752.