Western Cape Experiencing Significant Drought Causing Water Shortages

At present the Western Cape is experiencing a significant drought. This is a one in 1000-year occurrence. To counter the short-term effects of the drought, the City has put in place a number of initiatives to increase the supply of water and make provision for extreme water shortages.

In the event of what the City of Cape Town refers to as ‘Day Zero’, there will be available water for tourists’ and locals’ critical needs. These are considered to be water for personal hygiene and consumption. ‘Day Zero’ is when the City of Cape Town cuts the regular flow of water.

There is adequate water for tourists’ essential daily needs such as washing, using the toilet, and daily hygiene. In the event of ‘Day Zero’, water will be severely rationed. At present water restrictions are in place in the City of Cape Town, and residents and tourists are requested to adhere to them.

Eclipse Travel will continue to monitor the situation. For more information please contact your Travel Designer.

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