Journey to the End of the World

18 Days - World Voyager

Take the ultimate holiday journey, delving deep into Antarctica and the islands that lie beyond. The South Orkney, South Shetland, Falkland, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands are wildlife havens filled with awe-inspiring animals. From fur seals to chinstrap and Gentoo penguins among the shores and waters, this is an expedition made for explorers passionate about nature. You may find Weddell seals courting and mating, as well as sea lions and Peale’s dolphins. There is no shortage of incredible fauna as you traverse from icy tundra to fields of tussock grass. As the Captain expertly navigates narrow waterways, you’ll come to more remote landings only small vessels like our yachts can reach. Working together with the expedition team on Zodiac safaris, you’ll likely experience spontaneous explorations that bring you closer to unbelievable wildlife sightings.

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